POLYKEY is a science-driven company born in 2020 as a spin off from the
POLYMAT Institute together with the University of the Basque Country
(UPV/EHU). Rethinking the polymer industry, POLYKEY aims to promote the
sustainability of materials, from its sourcing to manufacturing, use and

POLYKEY offers products and technologies for a wide range of
applications to reduce their carbon footprint, boost their performances
and contribute to the circular economy. The products and technologies
can be classified into three key areas: bio-sourced polymers, plastic
recycling and innovative materials for energy storage.

International researchers with expertise in organic chemistry, polymer
materials, physics and biology are constantly working on improving the
cost and sustainability of POLYKEY products for customers and strategic
partners. POLYKEY is committed to help the plastic industry achieving
its sustainable goals on renewable products, chemical recycling
processes and innovative materials for energy storage.

🌐 https://polykey.eu/