MEET Battery Research Center

Full research power from Münster for SEATBELT: MEET Battery Research Center.

Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology (MEET) at the University of Münster is one of the foremost battery research centers in Germany. Internationally, the institute is one of the main drivers of top-level research in the fields of battery materials and cells as well as electrochemical and analytical characterization. The team of around 150 researchers at MEET is responding to the steadily increasing demands being made on batteries as energy storage system for various stationary and mobile applications. Embedded in the scientific network of the University of Münster, MEET brings together a strong, interdisciplinary, international team of scientists and engineers – all augmented by a comprehensive national and international collaborative network.

MEET contributes to SEATBELT with its substantial experience in development and assessment of recycling processes and the investigation of safety properties from materials- to cell-level for various battery technologies including solid-state batteries. Combining the assessment of both, recyclability and safety, with research on materials and components for next generation solid-state batteries within the SEATBELT project, the MEET team provides key aspects for the development and production of sustainable and safe high-energy batteries made in Europe.