The Institute of Materials Science of Madrid (ICMM), CSIC, is the largest research center of the Spanish National Research Council in the area of ​​materials science. It is located on the Cantoblanco Campus, in Madrid, and more than 300 people work there discovering new materials to develop applications for a sustainable world, in energy and in digital information.

This is a multidisciplinary centre that encompassed theoretical and experimental, basic and applied aspects of Materials Science simultaneously.  ICMM researchers are leaders in several timely topics of a wide range of materials-related disciplines: from solid state chemistry & physics to materials chemistry, functional materials, nanostructures, surfaces or coatings.

Our group has a extensive expertise on electrical transport in the solid state and in particular, on the development of fast alkali-ion conducting solid electrolytes and on the study and optimisation of interfaces for their integration in full cells with alkali metal anodes.

As part of the SEATBELT project we lead the task for the development of the inorganic part of the hybrid solid-state electrolyte that is primary based on halide electrolytes that will act as catholytes due to their high voltage stability. 

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