The Centre for Advanced Materials Application SAS (CEMEA) is an institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Research in battery technology carried out in CEMEA is fully in line with priorities defined by the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Currently, battery research at CEMEA is focused on opernado X-ray and optical (Raman) characterization of Li solid-state batteries (SSBs). A particular interest is spatially resolved real-time stress analysis of the solid-state electrolyte during battery operation. Another important goal is to study Li plating/stripping in anode-free SSBs using operando microscopy and Raman spectroscopy. CEMEA battery activities are supported currently by two HORIZON projects – SEATBELT and OPERA – and multiple national projects and international projects. The priorities of the Slovak Academy of Sciences are focused toward excellent and original research relevant to industrial development of the country. On its hand, Slovakia has recently become a hub for automotive industry with four world leading producers (Volkswagen, Stellantis, Kia and Jaguar Landrover). About 1,000,000 vehicles rolled off the carmakers production lines in Slovakia. Going electric has already becoming a necessity for them to remain competitive. This is the main reason for building competitive battery-oriented research in Slovakia.

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