Euro Support

Euro Support is a toll and custom manufacturer of inorganic specialty materials. Starting out as a producer of heterogeneous catalysts in the 1980’s and 1990’s, nowadays the product portfolio also comprises high purity electronic materials like dielectrics, battery materials, fuel cell and electrolyser materials, all made to customer recipe and specifications.

Euro Support has about 350 employees, spread over two production facilities and sales offices in the United States, Europe, and South-East Asia.

Customers include up- and coming companies requiring scale-up and production facilities, as well as large chemical companies with a need for spare production capacity. Production campaigns run anywhere from 100 grams at lab scale to hundreds of metric tons for mature products, resulting in a lot of experience in the process of scaling-up of products from the lab to the market.

In the SEATBELT project, the role of Euro Support is that of scale-up partner. In both WP2 and WP3, the aim is to contribute to the development of recipes that can be scaled to commercial processes. Once suitable recipes are identified, Euro Support will scale-up production to several kilograms of solid state electrolyte (WP2) and LFMP (WP3).