SEATBELT project : Objectives
  • Ambition :
    • Generate a local EU industry that revolves around a cost-effective, robust all-solid-state Li battery comprising sustainable materials by 2026.
    • SEATBELT intends to achieve the first technological milestone of developing a battery cell (TRL5) meeting the needs of Electric Vehicle (EV) and stationary industry.
  • A disruptive solid-state battery cell :
    • Low-cost safe-by-design cell with sustainable and recyclable materials, reaching high energy densities (>380 Wh/kg) and long cyclability (>500 cycles) by 2026 in line with the 2030 EU targets.
    • Cells produced by low-cost solvent-free extrusion process comprising a combination of innovative materials: Li metal, hybrid electrolyte, safe cathode active material.
    • Design optimization by interface (operando and atomistic modelling) and process (machine learning) methodologies.
    • New in situ imaging instrumentation will be developed to investigate safety properties and mechanical deformation to assess cell safety in real conditions.
    • An innovative recycling cycle from materials to cell level will be established.
  • Consortium :
    • SEATBELT will be the start point of a first EU all-solid-state battery value chain, whose main players in RTD and Industry sectors are within the consortium.